Creamy and rich in flavour

The cheese is made from full-cream milk from our Frisian farmers. Officially, this means that this is 50+ cheese, but in practice the fat content is much higher, which you can taste! Whereas other low(er) fat cheeses (30+ and 48+) might in the first instance have a more intense taste, the creamy and rich taste of the De Fryske lingers. The Âlde and Stokâlde , too, retain their full and creamy taste (not a ‘dry’ taste).

Vegetarian and pale

De Fryske has a rather pale colour, even when it’s old. This is because we don’t add any E numbers or colourants to the cheese. What we do add, is vegetarian rennet, which makes the cheese suitable for vegetarians!

The outside of the cheese is pale too, because we work with a transparent coating. And we do not use the antifungal agent Natamycin either.

Natural ripening

Âld is Âld at De Fryske! Our cheeses are given ample time to ripen and develop their own flavour. They ripen naturally on wooden shelves at 12-14 degrees Celsius. To facilitate optimal ripening, we have chosen to make 12-kg wheels of cheese.


The milk De Fryske uses is pasteurised before the cheesemaking process begins.

* We revised our recipe a year ago. At the moment, the Stokâlde Fryske still weighs about 10Kg, and it isn’t vegetarian or free of E numbers yet. This will have changed by Spring 2019.

Jonge Fryske

Young matured 50+
Ripened for 8-10 weeks
Young and creamy

Jonge Fryske is a creamy cheese with a unique, mellow (after)taste.



Belegere Fryske

Extra matured 50+
Ripened for 8-10 weeks
Young and creamy

Belegere Fryske is a robust cheese, with a rich and creamy taste. You’ll recognise it by its pretty jacket in Frisian blue.


Âlde Fryske

Old 50+
Ripened for 1 year
Robustly old

Characteristic of the Âlde Fryske is the tangy, rich taste, yet creamy and good crystallisation. This cheese is ripened for at least a year.



Stokâlde Fryske*

Old 50+
Ripened for 1.5 to 2 years
A tangy old cheese

As the name says, the Stokâlde Fryske has reached a pretty respectable old age. You’ll recognise this old guy by his rich taste and the substantial crystallisation. After ripening for 18 months to two years, this cheese manages to be creamy.