We like honest, tasty cheese. Milk from rich Frisian pastures, where you can still hear the call of the godwit (meadow bird). This does not go without saying. Frisian nature and the Frisian landscape is under pressure. This fact was what brought Catharinus Wierda – the founder of De Fryske – to develop this cheese.

Not only is De Fryske a Frisian product, but it makes a contribution to Frisian nature and culture – to a landscape rich in grass, herbs, birds and insects.

We have agreed with our two farmers what needs to be done in terms of nature management, protection of meadow birds, grazing period, the use of European cattle feed and sustainability. Part of the land – from a minimum of 10 percent up to 20 percent – is reserved for birds. Almost no fertiliser is used on this land; this is advantageous to herbs and insects. The fields are also only mown once after the breeding season is over.